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Chest/Triceps/Abs Home Workout

Yesterday was cruddy (weather wise) and I wanted a simple yet effective workout to perform at home. So, I designed this chest/triceps/abs workout to do in my hallway, utilizing equipment I had on hand, my stairs and a dining room chair.

Chest/Triceps/Abs Home workout

Chest/Triceps/Abs Home workout

Home EquipmentMany of these exercises can be done WITHOUT the use of equipment.  For example: pushups can be substituted in for the chest presses; basic squats can be substituted in for squat throws with the medicine ball; tricep dips on chair can be substituted in for the tricep kickbacks; planks can be substituted in for ab rollouts.  Also, you can use kitchen pantry items as your weights if you don’t have any “typical” weights on hand.  Just pick items that are heavy enough that by the 14th rep it is difficult and that they are NOT BREAKABLE. 🙂


In each circuit, go exercise to exercise without rest.  Rest 1 Minute after each circuit round.  Move onto next circuit once all rounds from previous circuit are completed.  As far as reps, aim for 15-20 at a weight that is challenging by the 2nd to last rep.

Warm Up

Run Stairs 3 mins

Circuit 1: Repeat 4 Times 

  1. TRX Chest Presses- Low and Wide Stance
  2. Dumbbell Chest Presses on BOSU
  3. Dumbbell Chest Flyes on BOSU
  4. Decline Planks with Shoulder Tap on Stairs
  5. Decline Spiderman on Stairs
  6. Squat Throws w/ Medicine Ball

Circuit 2: Repeat 4 Times

  1. Decline Pushups on Stairs
  2. Tricep Dips on Chair with 1 Leg Elevated: Switch legs halfway through.  (You can do a basic dip with legs bent.  Elevating leg increases challenge)
  3. Walking Planks.  (Feet on stairs for additional challenge)
  4. Kettlebell Tricep Kickbacks

Circuit 3: Repeat 3 Times

  1. Mountain Climbers: 40 Seconds
  2. Ab Rollouts w/ Ab Wheel: 15-20 reps
  3. Plank: 2 mins (Start with 30 seconds and progress by adding 15 seconds as it becomes easier)



If you are PRETTY (aka NOT DRIPPING IN SWEAT) by the end of the workout, then you did not push yourself hard enough.




Bootylicious Workout

Earlier this week, I had a very hectic schedule so I did many of my workouts from home.  If you’re time crunched, money strapped, or just need an efficient lower body workout, then this is the workout for you!

Some of my exercise equipment: stability ball, foam roller, medicine ball, ab wheel, BOSU, TRX Bands

Some of my exercise equipment: stability ball, foam roller, medicine ball, ab wheel, BOSU, TRX Bands

These exercises can be done with just your body weight or you can use a BOSU ball, stability ball, TRX bands, medicine ball or ab wheel like I used.

Bootylicious Workout



Warm Up: 50 Mountain Climbers

  • (25 ea. leg) Walking Lunges with Trunk Rotation- Can use weighted medicine ball.  Make sure to keep knee directly over your ankle.
  • (25) BOSU Squats- Beginner modification just use bodyweight.  Advanced-turn BOSU over so you are standing on the flat part of the BOSU and ball part is on the floor.
  • (25) Hamstring Curls on stability Ball- Lie on your back.  Feet on the ball, toes pointed to ceiling, lift hips up in bridge.  Keeping core tight, use your heels to draw ball towards your butt while still in bridge.
  • (25) Ab Rollouts with ab wheel.  Can also be performed using stability ball.
  • (25) Jump Squats.  Beginner modification: Just squat with bodyweight remembering to push butt back like you are sitting in a chair.  Keep your knees directly in line with ankles.  Advanced: Use TRX Bands.
  • (15) Burpees
  • (25) Mountain Climbers
  • (45 Sec.) Wall Sits.  Keep back flat against wall by tucking in pelvis.  Get low like you are in chair.  Intermediate/Advanced:  Add weight to your thighs.
  • Run Tall Flight of Stairs- 10 times.  If you have small flight of stairs, run 20 times.
Sweat= Great Workout

Sweat= Great Workout

Rest 1 minute after circuit.

Repeat circuit 1-2 more times.

Love Your Booty Workout


Some of you may or may not have someone to call your valentine but you do have a body that will always love you and you should ALWAYS love back.  So, in honor of our bodies and Valentine’s Day, I have designed the Valentine’s Day LOVE YOUR BOOTY workout because who doesn’t love a heart-shaped behind :)?

Each Exercise will be 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest between.  So set a timer.  I use my Gymboss interval timer .  Do the whole routine 3 times.  If you are just starting out, rest between each round.  If you need a challenge, add some plyometrics or weights into the squats and lunges.


Work: 30 Sec. Rest: 10 Sec.   3 ROUNDS


30 Sec Walking Lunges

30 Sec Jumping Jacks


  • Stationary/Plyo Squat:It is important as you squat down to keep your knees over your ankles and push your butt back as if you are sitting in a chair.  If you are doing a jump squat, the power comes from when you are low in the squat position and you push your body straight up.  Land softly and completely on your feet.
  • Burpees (Any variety: Half, Full, Plyo): Scott Herman Fitness has a great YouTube video explaining how to:burpee.
  • Reverse Lunges:  Again, maintain alignment with your knee directly over your ankle: do NOT lean forward.  Hips should be squared, facing forward.  Head and eyes should be looking forward finding a focal point to focus on. 
  • Mountain Climbers (Can perform slowly or fast): Keep your shoulders/elbows in line over your wrists.  Squeeze your shoulder blades back and together.  Keep your head and neck in alignment with your spine.  Core stays tight through it all as if you were in a plank position.
  • Walking Side Squats:  Stay low with your knees facing forward.   Back, neck and head are in alignment.  Step out to one side.  Bring your other leg in, and step out again (“walk across the floor”).    The lower you go and remain the more of a burn you will feel in your outer working glute.
  • Wall Sits:  Put your back against the wall, and lower your body down until you are in squat position (you are the chair this time).  Keep your hands at your sides.  Add difficulty by placing a weight or a heavy item on your thighs.  You can play around with your foot placement and you will feel it in different parts  of your glutes.  Start with feet hip width apart.


Hope you enjoy this workout as much as your booty will!!