Happiness Project: Day 3

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  It’s been 1 week post surgery and my abdomen is still swollen and I am unable to do “vigorous exercise”.  Although I want to do my high intensity workouts, physically I am still very sore.  And that is the crux of my problem.  See, exercising is my way to deal with my anxiety.  It eases my stress and puts me in a place of “seeing” clearly.  So, in the meantime while I “know” I need to “take it easy”, I also am focusing even harder on the things that make me happy each day. 

Without further adieu, here are today’s Happies:

  1. Drove my kids to school this morning!  I normally drive them every morning but since my surgery a week ago, I have been unable to.  The time I spend holding my children’s hands as I walk them into school is PRICELESS!
  2. Enjoyed a very nice healthy lunch with my husband at Whole Foods and was able to grocery shop (although slowly pushing the cart).
  3. Got the AWESOME news from the pathologist that they DID NOT find cancer in my fallopian tubes.  I have other a “female issues” that were addressed with the surgery and a history of problems that I will blog about later.

So, while there are some issues I am still struggling with emotionally and the other day to day life obstacles, there are still those precious nuggets of happiness that SHINE above all else.

What happened today that has brought the sparkle to your life?


The Happiness Project

I have a happiness journal that I try to write in on a daily basis.  But, if I am honest with myself I would acknowledge that I am on my computer more than I am with some dead tree hanging out on my night stand.  So…I have decided what better place to continue my Happiness Project than on my blog!  

My goal is to inspire others to find what makes each of us happy: the weather, a smile from a stranger, matching socks, a hug from your child, finishing a project…We are all different and celebrating our differences and what brings us joy will make us appreciate each other more.

The Happiness Project Guidelines

  1. There are NO rules!  I really dislike when someone imposes a set of rules on me.  I like structure but the word “rules” irks me!
  2. Focus on a few things that make me smile that given day.  Some days I might have a lot and some days it just might be one thing.  BUT, there is ALWAYS something that makes each of us happy!
  3. Write it out DAILY.  It’s easy to think of something that makes each of us smile but writing down our happiness solidifies the thoughts in our brains.
  4. Have fun!!!

I hope you join me on this beautiful journey of happiness!  I look forward to reading daily happies!


Honey, I’ve Been Crystallized!

Today I had to take my eldest child to the doctor for a sore throat.  While we waited for the rapid strep result, our wonderful nurse practitioner  provided us with some suggestions on how to ease the throat pain when we came home.  

One of the tried and true home remedies is a spoonful of honey to coat the throat.  We have used this one many times in the past with excited participation from the children.  

However, I knew the raw, local honey we had at home had crystallized.  Some may wonder if crystallized honey means the honey has gone bad? Simply put, no, it is still good.  In fact, honey does not have an expiration date.  The crystallization means that the honey is more pure and less processed than the non-crystallized kinds.  

But back to my dilemma: Was I going to let the solidified honey deter me from soothing my child’s throat?  Not a chance, because I had a nice handy trick up my sleeve that would liquify the honey again and make a sick kid smile! 

Here’s the Golden Ticket:

  • Heat a bowl of water  (bigger than the size of your honey jar)–I put the bowl of water in the microwave for 2 mins 30 secs .
  • Place your honey jar in the bowl 
  • Depending on the degree of crystallization it may take awhile for the honey to liquify–mine took about 5 mins


By the time my daughter went to bed, I was once again back to SUPERMOM status and saved the day with a spoonful of honey.  Hope you find this little tip helpful the next time you are caught in a similar sticky situation!