happiness project

Happiness Project: Day 3

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  It’s been 1 week post surgery and my abdomen is still swollen and I am unable to do “vigorous exercise”.  Although I want to do my high intensity workouts, physically I am still very sore.  And that is the crux of my problem.  See, exercising is my way to deal with my anxiety.  It eases my stress and puts me in a place of “seeing” clearly.  So, in the meantime while I “know” I need to “take it easy”, I also am focusing even harder on the things that make me happy each day. 

Without further adieu, here are today’s Happies:

  1. Drove my kids to school this morning!  I normally drive them every morning but since my surgery a week ago, I have been unable to.  The time I spend holding my children’s hands as I walk them into school is PRICELESS!
  2. Enjoyed a very nice healthy lunch with my husband at Whole Foods and was able to grocery shop (although slowly pushing the cart).
  3. Got the AWESOME news from the pathologist that they DID NOT find cancer in my fallopian tubes.  I have other a “female issues” that were addressed with the surgery and a history of problems that I will blog about later.

So, while there are some issues I am still struggling with emotionally and the other day to day life obstacles, there are still those precious nuggets of happiness that SHINE above all else.

What happened today that has brought the sparkle to your life?


Happiness Project-Day 2

It’s Day 2 on my quest to journal what makes me happy and inspire those to find the happiness in their daily lives.

It’s only mid-day here in Central TX so I still have a lot more opportunities to add Happiness in my life today, but here are some that I have already experienced.

  1. Woke up without the use of an alarm and made my family breakfast!  This may not seem like much but since my surgery last Thursday afternoon, I have had the help of either my mother, husband, or kids to wake me up as well as preparing meals for themselves. Making breakfast for my family and seeing my kids off to school are some of my most important daily activities.  Knowing I am providing my family with a nutritious meal to see them through their morning and having my kids arrive safely at their school makes me extremely happy!
  2. Gathered up more items for our neighborhood garage sale-WOOHOO!  Most of my family and friends know I dislike clutter and “stuff” so when a garage sale opportunity arises, I get so excited to purge the excess from our home.
  3. A very close friend, I haven’t seen in awhile, brought me lunch and wanted to check in on me.  I hold friendships very close to my heart and it means the world to me when someone I respect takes the time out of their day for me.
  4. It’s another beautiful Fall day in Austin, TX: clear blue skies and 80 degrees.  Not too hot and not too cold.  As Goldilocks says “it’s just right”!

So, what are some of your Happies today?