Homemade Almond Milk

My daughter and I have issues with regular dairy milk, so we usually substitute in coconut or unsweetened almond milk.  However, I want to minimize the additives  found in typical off the shelf almond milk so I decided to make my own this morning.

Almond Milk

  • Soak (Sprout) Raw Almonds in water 8-12 hours or overnight
  •  After soaking, rinse/drain almonds in colander under cold water

    Straining the soaked, raw almonds

    Straining the soaked, raw almonds

Working in Batches

  • Put 2 cups of filtered water and 1/2 cups of almonds in blender.
  • Optional: Add splash of Vanilla and sprinkle of stevia to sweeten
  • Blend 50-90 seconds until all almonds have been broken up and liquefied.  I used my Blendtec Blender
  • Pour almond milk either through strainer/sieve, nutmilk bag or cheesecloth into a glass jar that can be tightly sealed.  Since I only had a strainer/sieve on hand, that is what I used.
Pouring almond milk through sieve.  Residual pulp leftover

Pouring almond milk through sieve. Residual pulp leftover


  • Use a spatula to press any residual milk through sieve. You will have pulp leftover in strainer/sieve.  You can either use this pulp at later time to dehydrate to make cookies with or even blend further into a nut butter.  I put mine into my Earthmaker compost bin.
  • Repeat steps until all almonds have been used to make milk.
  • When jar is full, tightly close and place in refrigerator.  Use within 3-5 days.
(4) Pint and A Half containers of Homemade Almond Milk

(4) Pint and A Half containers of Homemade Almond Milk


  • Making Almond milk is 4:1 ratio Water to Almonds.
  • Make sure to use RAW organic (if possible) almonds.  Not salted or roasted
  • Filtered and, if possible, distilled water is best.
  • A nut milk bag is probably your best option of efficient milk extraction.  Can be reused-just wash in top rack of dishwasher.

I used this milk to make a chia pudding recipe which I will post later and a favorite smoothie recipe of mine for lunch:  Chocolate Covered Strawberry.  I could  truly taste the difference.  The smoothie was more delicious with homemade almond milk than using store bought.

Please let me know if you attempt to make your own almond milk and how you like it.

Marci’s Green Smoothie Recipe

Here’s a great Green Smoothie “starter”.  Make modifications to fit your dietary needs. Blending the greens in a high powered blender works best to minimize any chunks.  I use my Blendtec Total Blender.

Add extra water to thin out smoothie if it is too thick for your taste.  Also, if just starting with green smoothies, start with mix of 50/50 greens to fruit.  Gradually decrease amount of fruit and increase greens.

Step 1:  Blend the following for about 60 seconds until smooth

  • Put 2 Cups Filtered Water into BlendTec Total Blender
  • Small Amount Stevia
  • Juice of  1/4 Whole Lemon
  • Add 2 cups combo of Organic Spinach/Kale (or any other greens like chard, collard, purple kale)

Step 2:  Add the following to blender and blend again

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Small organic apple
  • 1 Cup organic frozen berries (masks the color)*
  • 2 Tbs chia seeds
  • Couple ice cubes

*You can substitute any fruit in.*

Marci's Green Smoothie

Marci’s Green Smoothie

Strawberry Limeade Slushie Recipe

Strawberry Limeade Slushie Recipe

Who hasn’t gone to their local fast food joint and purchased one of those delectable high calorie slushies?  I know I have and my children particularly enjoy them.  However, those “fruit” slushes are loaded with sugar, artificial food coloring, calories and high fructose corn syrup (HCFS).  Do YOU REALLY  want your child bouncing off the car walls or wasting your daily caloric allotment on that drink?  I know I don’t, so yesterday I came up with my healthier version of a Strawberry Limeade as part of my children’s after school snack.

Strawberry Limeade Slushie

Slice Enough Limes to make at least 6 ounces of juice when squeezed


Pour the Juice into your favorite blender- Mine is the Blendtec

Add 4-6 ounces water

Toss in a HANDFUL of either fresh or frozen strawberries.  Preferably organic.  I use frozen since I can reduce the amount of ice I need and because strawberries are not grown locally year round.

Add Stevia or Turbinado Sugar to taste


Fill blender with Ice

Enjoy the puckering taste of limes and strawberries and hear the delighted squeals!