FITting Into The Blogosphere

Tonight is my first foray into the blogosphere realm.  In my head, I hear the cheers, bells, whistles as if  I just crossed the finish line of my very first triathlon.  In reality, all I hear is the hum of my laptop fan and clickety, clacky as I type away on my keyboard.

Why am I entering this new, unknown world?!  For years I have been told that I needed to share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle.  With a much needed push by friends and family, I have found a place to share that passion.  It is called

I hope  that everyone who comes to this happy world of Fitness. Food. FUN! will experience their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  We all define a “healthy lifestyle” differently and that’s what makes this world a beautiful place.  Healthy is not defined by a number on a scale, a dress size, or how many calories are consumed or burned rather it is how we embrace each day with respect to our bodies, minds and each other.