FITting Into The Blogosphere

Tonight is my first foray into the blogosphere realm.  In my head, I hear the cheers, bells, whistles as if  I just crossed the finish line of my very first triathlon.  In reality, all I hear is the hum of my laptop fan and clickety, clacky as I type away on my keyboard.

Why am I entering this new, unknown world?!  For years I have been told that I needed to share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle.  With a much needed push by friends and family, I have found a place to share that passion.  It is called

I hope  that everyone who comes to this happy world of Fitness. Food. FUN! will experience their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  We all define a “healthy lifestyle” differently and that’s what makes this world a beautiful place.  Healthy is not defined by a number on a scale, a dress size, or how many calories are consumed or burned rather it is how we embrace each day with respect to our bodies, minds and each other.


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I tend to have an individualistic view of what defines “healthy” . What works for me may not work for my husband, children, friends or relatives. My hope is to write content that people can piecemeal together to what works for them.

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