Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year when we are inundated with body shaming messages via the media, stores and even our family and friends.  

Here are some common self hatred phrases I have seen, heard and read on social media, over the radio and from friends and family:

“Lose That Holiday Weight”
“What Are Your Diet Resolutions?”
“Get a Bikini Ready Body in Time for Spring Break!”
“Ate Too Much Over the Holidays? Jump Start your Weight Loss!”

And on and on…

Thankfully, this is also the time of year when I weed out those social media people/companies/athletes I follow who perpetuate the self hatred. Over the past few years, I have learned to love myself more and embrace who I am– flaws and all.

The flaws are what makes us beautiful,.. NOT perfection. When you look in the mirror, focus on the good of what you see and know about yourself. You are NOT defined by any singular aspect of your physical being.  Don’t let negativity seep into that amazing brain of yours.  Focus on what you want to accomplish in 2014 to enhance your existence on this awesome planet of ours.

Feed yourself with positivity and truly LIVE your best year yet!!

Happy New Year! 


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