Resolutions and Commitments

SIX WEEKS AGO many of you “resolved” to live a healthier lifestyle.  But, at the time, how did you define it?

 Was It Defined By:

  • Getting Off the Couch
  • Adding More Whole Foods Into Your Diet
  • Needing To Lose (X) Amount of Pounds
  • Fitting Into That Dress
  • Setting  2013 Fitness Goals: First 5K, Triathlon, or Half Marathon

Whatever resolution you made on January 1, 2013, have you evaluated where you are towards your goal(s)?   There is conflicting research as to how long it truly takes to develop a habit (especially a good one).  Some studies suggest as little as 21 days but most psychology research shows that the minimum is more like 66 days (or 2 months) and may even take as long as 8 and a half months for more complicated habits.  

So you may be thinking, IT COULD TAKE ME AS LONG AS 8 AND A HALF MONTHS TO MAKE MY A GOAL A HABIT?!!!  WHAT?!  Don’t despair.  Remember, it is not about seeing immediate results but about making changes in your lifestyle and making them stick.  Change takes time and PATIENCE.  

You may be wondering if I make resolutions.  I don’t make “resolutions” instead I make COMMITMENTS.  To me, “commitment” has a much more positive connotation and holds me more ACCOUNTABLE.


  • Continue To Nourish My Family With Whole Foods
  • Practice Patience With Myself And Others
  • Be More Appreciative Of The Body I Have Been Given
  • Slow Down

Whatever you have COMMITTED to for 2013 and beyond, know that I am right there with you cheering you on every step of the way.