Living Fearlessly

WE ALL FEEL FEAR-it’s what makes us human. Fear can be a powerful driving force-stimulating or debilitating, depending on how we CHOOSE to utilize it.  I have always been one to encourage others to push beyond their boundaries, to embrace their apprehension and fear in order to better themselves.  My philosophy is: to live one’s life to the fullest with NO REGRETS.  I DO NOT want to be on my deathbed wondering why I didn’t try a new activity, experience, career, etc.

Many of us set out on career path very early on in our lives, so we attend a college/university/technical school with a direction in mind and usually come out more confused than ever!  This happened to me.  I have always been interested in the sciences, nutrition, health, physical fitness, and the well being of others.  I attended the University of Texas at Austin with the intention of becoming an oncologist with a focus in research.  However, FEAR, took over me and I DID NOT take the MCAT (the test required to apply for medical school).  I WAS AFRAID.  Afraid that I would not get the score I wanted (I also have perfectionism issues); afraid to take on a HUGE financial responsibility only to find out I would not like it; afraid I was doing this for others and not myself; afraid that I would no longer be in the relationship with the man I eventually married.  In the end, FEAR won.  It was so counterintuitive to what I believe and how I normally live my life.  I eventually went into cancer research and assisted others in their cancer journey until I chose to stay home to raise my children.

Although I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a stay at home parent these past 9 years, I feel a part of me has been dormant.  The part that needs self fulfillment, intellectual and personal growth,  passions and desires achieved.  These years at home, MY LOVE for fitness, nutrition and health has never wavered.  I have used my passion to teach my children the importance of feeding our bodies the correct nutrients to thrive as well as helping friends and family start their own personal health journey.  I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer but I did not want to work in a gym (those trainers irritate me).  Yet, I didn’t pursue the certification process.  Initially, I said:  “I can’t do it because of the cost for the courses and test.” or “I don’t want to be like those other trainers in the gym.” or “What about if I don’t like it?”  Well,  these were ALL EXCUSES because I had been allowing FEAR to control me… It didn’t matter that numerous friends and family members told me I would be awesome at it, the FEAR was too gripping and paralyzing.  What about if I failed?  What if nobody will use my services?

Being on the cusp of a life changing event (moving to a completely different state) and after thoughtful contemplation, I have decided that it is NOW time for ME to LET GO of FEAR and embrace MY LIFE.  I will ALWAYS help promote the passions of those I love and care about, but it is NOW MY TIME to fulfill my dreams.  So with that, I have decided to pursue my interest in fitness and receive my personal training certification.

This decision brought so much peace and happiness to my heart and mind.  I have started researching various places to receive my certification and tomorrow I will call these places for more information.

I AM now LIVING FEARLESSLY!!! It’s liberating!


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