A Little About Me


Welcome to my blog where I wanted to have a place to share my thoughts on all things fitness, nutrition, and wellness related.  I have always had a passion to live a healthy lifestyle ever since I was a child.  As a kid, I was into all sorts of sports but I lived (AND EXERCISED) to eat.  I DID NOT eat to live.  It wasn’t until I was in college where I truly began to see how my nutrition affected my sports performance, health ( I have severe allergies) and emotional well being.  Since then, I have embraced a whole(listic) approach to living a healthy life.

As a Microbiologist/Science Geek, I love to analyze EVERYTHING, so I became my own science experiment.  I began by researching different exercise routines, nutritional content of all the foods I was eating, and the latest “super foods”/exercise fads.  Over the decades (and several career changes later), I have used my “knowledge” and my passion to “help” influence my family and friends into a healthier, mostly organic (and fun) lifestyle.

Since I like lists, I thought I would create an “All About Marci” list to get a little glimpse of who I am:

  • Mother of 2: Daughter and Son
  • Early Bird: The sunrise makes me smile
  • Favorite Workout: High Intensity Weight Training
  • Live in Central TX but plan on moving to the Colorado mountains
  • Love the SNOW! Dislike the heat!
  • Love Organization and Structure. Dislike RULES
  • Bubble Family: Husband has WEIRD food allergies (turkey, chicken, egg yolk), daughter is lactose intolerant and we both are gluten sensitive.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on what it means to me to live a fun, healthy, fulfilling life.  I hope you enjoy this fabulous journey with me!


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