A Little About Me


Welcome to my blog where I wanted to have a place to share my thoughts on all things fitness, nutrition, and wellness related.  I have always had a passion to live a healthy lifestyle ever since I was a child.  As a kid, I was into all sorts of sports but I lived (AND EXERCISED) to eat.  I DID NOT eat to live.  It wasn’t until I was in college where I truly began to see how my nutrition affected my sports performance, health ( I have severe allergies) and emotional well being.  Since then, I have embraced a whole(listic) approach to living a healthy life.

As a Microbiologist/Science Geek, I love to analyze EVERYTHING, so I became my own science experiment.  I began by researching different exercise routines, nutritional content of all the foods I was eating, and the latest “super foods”/exercise fads.  Over the decades (and several career changes later), I have used my “knowledge” and my passion to “help” influence my family and friends into a healthier, mostly organic (and fun) lifestyle.

Since I like lists, I thought I would create an “All About Marci” list to get a little glimpse of who I am:

  • Mother of 2: Daughter and Son
  • Early Bird: The sunrise makes me smile
  • Favorite Workout: High Intensity Weight Training
  • Live in Central TX but plan on moving to the Colorado mountains
  • Love the SNOW! Dislike the heat!
  • Love Organization and Structure. Dislike RULES
  • Bubble Family: Husband has WEIRD food allergies (turkey, chicken, egg yolk), daughter is lactose intolerant and we both are gluten sensitive.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts on what it means to me to live a fun, healthy, fulfilling life.  I hope you enjoy this fabulous journey with me!



  1. Hello and God bless! May Father and Jesus richly reward you.

    I am Randy and am also a vegan, eat a lot of raw food. Joined the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Michigan in the country. Farm fields all around. Became a vegetarian before being a baptized member. Just made the decision and never ate meat again. Good I did that. Jesus must have given me the power to just do it. As years went by, now in 2016, my doctor found out I have Hemochromatosis. It is a genetic thing where my body absorbs iron way too easily and too much. And with us all, if you get too much iron it gets stored in the heart, liver, pancreas or brain, joints. Can be a deadly condition. I feel if I had continued to eat meat, I probably would be dead. So much hema iron in meat, which is very easy to take in. Non-Heme iron harder to absorb. That’s the iron in the veggie world.

    Just was wondering if you sent the iron tester to me. It was sent through Amazon from Threefecta. I may be wrong.

  2. Hi There,

    I am trying to buy your product on Amazon. It’s called Earthy Delight Pomade. It says it costs $104 but it’s a typo and should be $10. If I have reached you in error please disregard, otherwise please correct as I’m eager to buy it. It is one of the only pomades that is breast cancer friendly and doesn’t contain any chemicals. Thanks Gina

  3. I need to know what happen to my order# 114-96727186043406 I was charged $93.38 on Dec 7, 2018 and still haven’t received my order what is going on? Please reply>

    1. Same thing happened to me. I ordered a body scale on Amazon for 130.00 on Dec. 9, 2018. Credit card was charged, date of del. was set on Dec. 27. I emailed this bogus company on Amazon asking where is my order. They never responded. Looked for pig. today. Was told it went out UPS with no tracking #. Just got ahold of Amazon. SCAM COMPANY! RUN!

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